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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
1102813301151145073262930102Marko IvanovicKilsyth 5th XI2019/2020I Grade (Timothy Court Shield)5 1Mooroolbark 4th XI
21021102767151145073262917102*Mark WatsonKilsyth 5th XI2019/2020I Grade (Timothy Court Shield)2 1Warranwood 5th XI
39241636015114507324435892Craig James ThomsonKilsyth 3rd XI2019/2020C Grade (Don Smith Shield)7 1Warranwood 3rd XI
49040590615114507323237990Matthew ClarkKilsyth 1st XI2019/2020Bill Wilkins Cup10 1Templeton 1st XI
57841632715114507326214078Shane SmithKilsyth 4th XI2019/2020E Grade (Neil Tull Shield)6 1Wonga Park 5th XI
67740647115114507324433877Ryan JarrattKilsyth 3rd XI2019/2020C Grade (Don Smith Shield)2 1Montrose 4th XI
77640502115114507326293276Frank FormstonKilsyth 5th XI2019/2020I Grade (Timothy Court Shield)6 1Montrose 6th XI
87483164015114507323445074Rhys R McKeanKilsyth 2nd XI2019/2020Steve Pascoe Shield5 1North Ringwood 2nd XI
97140478315114507324436471*Daniel CatonKilsyth 3rd XI2019/2020C Grade (Don Smith Shield)8 1Lilydale 3rd XI
106340502115114507326291763Frank FormstonKilsyth 5th XI2019/2020I Grade (Timothy Court Shield)2 1Warranwood 5th XI
116240653115114507323237662Samuel DownieKilsyth 1st XI2019/2020Bill Wilkins Cup9 1Bayswater Park 1st XI
125740698415114507323445057William PlemingKilsyth 2nd XI2019/2020Steve Pascoe Shield5 1North Ringwood 2nd XI
135783164015114507323446757Rhys R McKeanKilsyth 2nd XI2019/2020Steve Pascoe Shield10 1Ainslie Park 2nd XI
145740590615114507338040857Matthew ClarkKilsyth CC2019/2020RDCA PSV T203 1Templeton CC
1556171728615114507326214056Brett WoodwardKilsyth 4th XI2019/2020E Grade (Neil Tull Shield)6 1Wonga Park 5th XI
165640581315114507323238756*Mark UnternahrerKilsyth 1st XI2019/2020Bill Wilkins Cup12 1Croydon Ranges 1st XI
1755110276715114507324435155Mark WatsonKilsyth 3rd XI2019/2020C Grade (Don Smith Shield)5 1East Ringwood 3rd XI
185418088615114507326214054*Jason ThompsonKilsyth 4th XI2019/2020E Grade (Neil Tull Shield)6 1Wonga Park 5th XI
195383164015114507324435353Rhys R McKeanKilsyth 3rd XI2019/2020C Grade (Don Smith Shield)6 1Warrandyte 3rd XI
205340663315114507326215253*Shaun GoodwinKilsyth 4th XI2019/2020E Grade (Neil Tull Shield)9 1Wonga Park 5th XI
215341636015114507323445153Craig James ThomsonKilsyth 2nd XI2019/2020Steve Pascoe Shield6 1Bayswater Park 2nd XI
2252100280215114507338043452*Ben WalKilsyth CC2019/2020RDCA PSV T205 1Croydon Ranges CC
235240590615114507323236752Matthew ClarkKilsyth 1st XI2019/2020Bill Wilkins Cup7 1Warranwood 1st XI
2452102651815114507326320452*Jake A PowellKilsyth 6th XI2019/2020K Grade9 1South Warrandyte 4th XI
2552114880515114507329781652*Luke G IvanovicKilsyth2019/2020Under 12-2 (Roy Baldwin Shield)6 1Heathwood Cricket Club
265181008915114507323235651Nicholas ZinghiniKilsyth 1st XI2019/2020Bill Wilkins Cup4 1Warrandyte 1st XI
275081716915114507326294450*Wayne de VriesKilsyth 5th XI2019/2020I Grade (Timothy Court Shield)9 1Montrose 6th XI
285040587415114507326319850*Matt BrutonKilsyth 6th XI2019/2020K Grade7 1Eastfield 4th XI
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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